How to deal with complaints at a Japanese restaurant

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This article has summarized claims handling in Japan for those who intend to open restaurants in Japan.


The Japanese seek delicacy in service. However, even if you feel dissatisfied in the restaurant, I will not say that very much. In most cases, I will make a choice not to come to your shop next. Just be careful as some people make a big noise as they go beyond the limit point of dissatisfaction. I wrote this article, thinking that it would help even a little when a complaint occurred in your store.


I think that there are many stakeholders who are plagued by complaints. I also disliked it a lot (laugh)


In cases where complaints are unilaterally revived from customers, even if they close, things that have very bad aftertaste remain. Recently, there are also influences of TV and other media, even ordinary customers are increasing the case of content of claims becoming monsters.


This time I tried compiling complaints and preventive measures. Lastly, we have also summarized the law concerning claims, so please refer to it.


Basics of complaint response

· Listen carefully to the other party’s story when the customer tells the complaint

Please appreciate what you complained about, what you are saying as a problem, and how dissatisfied you are with it. Depending on the customer, there are cases where it closes just by spitting out dissatisfied accumulated.

When dealing with complaints with customers, it is necessary to reduce the height of the eyes and to respond by, for example, attaching a single knee. There is a scene that is troublesome to move your eyes if they are completely facing each other, so please make a slight shift and make relative.

When coming out of the kitchen when dealing with complaints, check the uniform and change it if it is dirty.

NG ⇒ interrupt the story. Make an excuse. Speak the fact calmly. Do not match your eyes.


· Apologize for hurting your mood

Before you make an apology, please sympathize for what you said in complaints from the customer’s point of view. At this point, I do not think facts have been confirmed yet, but please do apologies about what I feel hurt.

NG ⇒ Hurry to close. I make an apology immediately without confirming the fact. Talk to Mogolomogo with a small voice.


· Propose suggestions on store correspondence

After accepting apologies to some extent, we propose promises for improving services and replacing items.

NG ⇒ We propose discounts from the beginning. I will subtract the full amount. There is no concrete explanation or suggestion.


· Close stage

After that, the responsible person responds to the customer’s table where the claim occurred. Please apologize again when accounting and deportation.

NG ⇒ There is no apology from the responsible person at the time of accounting. Do not report on the occurrence of claims. Do not lead to improvement of the store by letting the claim end as a transient one.


· Quotes corresponding to complaints

Change location, change time, change people


Things to do after claim handling

· Claims are valuable opinions from customers and lead to improvement of stores.

· If you are a chain store, tell the manager that there was a complaint in the superior and report on the response / improvement. There may be cases such as secondary inquiries from the customer asking the headquarters “such as” The report has not gone up to the head office from the shop? ”



· I have polluted your clothes

Although it is correspondence in the case where you dirty your clothes, such as spilling your dish, please make sure that you apologize firmly and care about your body.

I’m sorry. Did you not get injured? ”

If there is a risk of burns, it will be necessary to take measures to cool the affected area.

After that, I will hand you a clean white towel and other items to wipe. Depending on the case, please wipe carefully after inquiring as “Would you wipe it?” Here. Many customers dislike male staff to touch women’s clothes, so please make sure that homosexuals handle work such as wiping.

Since the staff side is upset, it is a situation that it is easy to receive secondary complaints, so be careful.

Let’s do role playing for the time of emergency.

Because there is air not going to translate full accounts, I think whether to deal with 1 drink, such as subtract 10% from accounting.


Cleaning compatible

If you dirty your clothes, you will need to deal with cleaning (restoring original condition).

I will give you a general pattern, but please confirm that there are rules of companies and shops regarding cleaning and compensation. If not, please make a rule in your shop.

〇 In the case where you can keep clothes on the spot, please promise to take responsibility and correspond with the cleaning in response to your name and contact information.

○ In the case that we can not keep it, we will ask you to pick up your home and then we will correspond to cleaning.

〇 In the case where you claim that the customer will clean themselves, please say once again that “We are sorry to trouble you, so please let us correspond with cleaning”. If you are still going to do cleaning for yourself, please say “I’m sorry to have troubled you, we will pay responsibility for the cleaning fee by ourselves in exchange for a receipt or a receipt.”

〇 In a case where customers are requested for cleaning fee on the spot, please respond according to company regulations.

○ If you are having trouble leaving dirty clothes like this though you are going to go out after this, you will purchase items (equivalent or less) to put on instead. Since it is necessary for the shop side to have the actual expenses for purchasing it, please let the customer acknowledge that the purchased item will be returned after cleaning correspondence.



It is recommended to take pictures of actual objects before and after cleaning for self defense.

In case it takes time to return clothes including cleaning, consideration to allow you to contact the customer on the way is also necessary.

Since there is also a risk that a large amount of compensation is required at the store, we recommend that you join “facility liability insurance” prepared by various insurance companies.


If you clean it but the dirt does not fall, or customers are not satisfied, you will need to pay for clothes fee. In case of reimbursement, issues concerning compensation amount will come out, but basic, worn clothes etc are impaired from the value at the time of purchase so we do not need to pay the full amount.

Based on that fact, please do “negotiate settlement with customers”.

Please inquire about when, where, how much, how much you purchased, how often you are wearing it.

As a conclusion, will you purchase the same item here and let me pick up dirty items? In the case that equivalent products are not available, we will negotiate the compensation amount with MAX as the purchase price.

In any case, please keep in mind that it is the portion where the recovery of the original state becomes the cost burden.

Be careful of the guilty consciousness that you have gotten dirty, because you will be asked for excessive opportunities if you are malignant. On the contrary, I think that you can judge that it is a creamer if you make excessive requests.

Of course, we apologize for the inconvenience, but it is important to take a resolute attitude if we can not do what we can not do against excessive demands. Please keep in mind that we can not respond to the worst situation more than the burden at the time of purchase.


· Contamination of foreign matter

You will be forced to surrender all over almost unconditionally.

Please do apologize well before confirming facts.

And let’s check about foreign matter itself while apologizing. Please also check what is going on in what.

While looking at the actual thing, I look for a route that may have been mixed in my head. If it is an insect, it explains the possibilities such as “it was insufficient for underwashing at the stage of charging lettuce” or if it was hair, “the hair that had been attached to the uniform was thought to have fallen during cooking” Please apologize that “my education was inadequate”.

In addition, please recreate new products or suggest alternative products.

At this point, please avoid avoiding eating while you are going to eat at the store and returning it on an empty stomach.


In Japan, I say

“Resentment of food is horrible” So …


In cases where it is difficult to obtain the age of the product, please offer “Please discount about this item, please without permission, since we were not the level products that we originally offer to customers.”

Because there are also cases where you buy your anger that you said that you did not complain because you intended to discount it.


Always keep contaminated foreign matter


· Food is slow.

People eat as they are physiological phenomena, so even hot people usually get angry when you are hungry.

When the customer says that the dishes do not come yet, saying “I’m sorry, I will confirm it in the kitchen” I will tell the responsible person of the hall and also inform the kitchen that there was a delay in dish cooking, Ask you to have it made with priority. Also, please check how long it will take to provide.

Return to your table and say, “I’m sorry that my dish is getting late and will be completed soon (in about 0 minutes), please wait a little more.”

When offering, the responsible person to offer cooking while apologizing “I am sorry very much for keeping you waiting.”

Depending on the situation, consider taking care, such as serving drinks.

What you should never do

The food is late and the food is dirtier

Also at the time of payment, please apologize and say “I’m sorry I have kept you waiting for today.”

If you know that cooking is late in advance, “There is a possibility that the inside of the shop is very crowded and it might be late to offer dishes, but I wonder if there is a possibility that it will be late,” but I feel sorry, Like a word to accompany.

Later, group customers can wait even if the cooking offerings are delayed totally somewhat, but one customer is cautioned because one customer can not wait.

It is difficult to lower the tension of anger with a reaction after being called late, so I am sorry to say “Sorry” or maybe be able to see anger from your facial expression before being called at the call bell It is a big point.

It is better to think about countermeasures with top priority as shops for slow cooking. If cooking is late, the peak rotation seats will become worse and the damage to sales will increase.

Also, when cooking is late, I do not like having a cold view from customers and complaining, so the service staff will try to escape from the audience seats and it will not be a good service.


· Bad cooking

To the dish of a dish, it is the point whether the product itself was the one of the level that you give to the customer at the store.

If it is of no good level, please apologize soon and propose to recreate. In the case that it is told after all the eating is finished or conversely if there is no problem with the goods themselves, after saying “I am sorry I betrayed my expectation”, after listening to what point the pointing out is bad please look.

Although the taste is partly dependent on personal tastes and subjectivity, if it is something that is reasonable for improving goods, please listen as grateful advice.

“Thank you for your valuable opinion.The present seasoning of this product is the standard of our shop, but please let me make it a reference for future product development.” If you are still not convinced, please propose an alternative product.

Please shift the argument to the strong man who tells me to do it just after finishing eating “Is there something you do not like anything else?” No complaints about taste need to deal with further.

If you say that you will not pay the money, please confirm “I will consult with the police, will I do?”


· Dishware and glass are dirty

If you receive an indication that the dishes and the glass are dirty from our customers, please apologize soon and bring new things. Customers who feel uneasy about hygiene will be very strict after the checks, so be careful not to let themselves score.

Since there is a possibility that the same feeling may be done simply by not putting out many other customers into words, it is also necessary to check whether there is any problem at the cleaning process or wiping up stage.

Let’s investigate why why dirty things were provided to customers and take countermeasures.


“Strike while iron is hot” is the iron rule of improvement. Immediately after the complaint occurs, it is the chance to tackle the most problem improvement.


· The toilet is dirty

It is the worst that the restroom in a restaurant is dirty. There are many customers who think that this shop is not next only because the toilet is dirty.

If sales of your store are sluggish, please make sure that the toilet is shiny. Just by thoroughly restricting the toilet’s climate, sales will rise.

If you receive a complaint gently please apologize and say “Thank you for pointing out. I will clean it soon.” Please clean it.

Pay attention to that customer until the accounting time, please make sure that there is no fault again, and apologize to the responsible person at the time of the last deportation.

The toilet is thoroughly cleaned up to the floor everyday. Do toilet check at least once per hour. Train so that the staff can do a toilet check firmly. Supplement of detergent, replenishment of paper, toilet seat clean up to inner lid, without water sprinkle on washstand, without water sprinkle on mirror, no dust on ventilation fan …

Please make a list of where to check and decide the frequency of cleaning and checking the toilet 100%.


· Order mistake

I tend to tend to be wrong, it certainly is a pattern that our customers do not agree with that. Since it can not be helped to argue that I said not, please listen carefully to the customer’s story and say “I’m sorry, I will respond in a hurry.”

If the customer can do so and have a tolerant attitude, there is no other choice but to apologize and make a favor. In this case, please be sure to match the lower price of either the order or the offering item.

Care should be taken because the staff side may not report mistakes. This is a pattern that puts additional slips and change slips on a strange face just because it does not want to acknowledge the mistake, a pattern that scares the pursuit of a mistake from the store manager or kitchen and sneaks out sneakingly Is it?

Everything will notice that the responsible person is funny if you later check the slips. There is no point in going past, but please make an environment that is easy to report so that similar mistakes do not overlap.

If it takes time to re-offer, think that the responsible person notifies the time along with the apology, and in some cases the hands such as the drink service are hit.

The staff who repeats order mistakes and omission leaks may not have understood the menu well, there are not enough practice to take orders, there are times when you are not repeating orders, etc., and each countermeasure is necessary.


· Take manager

Let ‘s pre – vent precautions when a complaint arises in the absence of manager.

First of all, it is necessary to train staff who can respond to the initial complaint when the store manager is absent. Please do OJT to the 2nd and 3rd staff in the shop and strengthen the responsiveness.


The strength of the organization is grasped by No 2.


First of all, please educate me to say “I am sorry” when feeling complaints with a feeling of lowering my head.

“I am sorry, today the manager is absent and I will tell the manager to tell me instead,” I will tell the store manager what to do. “In the meantime I looked at the customer’s name and contact information,” Improve the store from the store manager at a later date I will contact you again. I am truly sorry for today. ”

After that, it is basically also that the responsible person firmly responds to the official visit.


· If you are told that the change is incorrect

It is the iron rule that money deposited will not be put in cash register drawers until the customer ‘s accounting is over.

Please teach “I will take care of you” to make it say clearly with a big voice.

Also, when giving up for change, please instruct me to count and show it with a slow motion.

In the case that it is said that 10,000 yen has been paid after accounting is finished, although there are only 5,000 yen after accounting, there are any security cameras that reflect the cash register, but if there is not, wait for the customer I have to check the cash register and check the amount in the cash register.

If there is no error, please tell the customer clearly. I think that there are also people who complain without being convinced and returning, but it can not be helped.

If you say that you can not wait, please respond as “Please contact us after checking the cash register and cash register records” after listening to your name and contact information.


· Accounting mistake

For customers, scenes that pay money are the most stressful places.

Education is necessary so that accounting can be done smoothly and smoothly, and please staff to report immediately when staff does not know processing such as electronic money.

The responsible person should check the customer who stands at the cashier and say “Thank you”, and it is also necessary to check whether each staff can do accounting without problems. Since you will notice if there is a problem if you look at the facial expression of the staff you are treating.

If there are staff who do not pass receipts, please do thoroughly this.

Be sure to draw the receipt under the small change when you hand the small change after handling the first bill. By patterning this series of accounting actions, not only forgetting to hand over the receipt but also reducing mistakes in returning change will be reduced.


· Other customers are annoying

If you feel complaints or feel that the customers’ gaze is severe, be careful to have them quiet soon.

I think that it is good to attend the attention of neighboring customers by coming back and forth a little near the table when paying attention.

In the meantime, I will be making noise again, first of all it is necessary to inform the fact that employees of the shop are paying attention to convince the surrounding customers. Next to the table customers who are making noise, “I am sorry that complaints are coming from customers around me, will you drop the tones a little more?” Tell them not to crush the customer’s facebook “Complain I’d like to apologize to you by myself so please enjoy your meal slowly. “I think that it is good to stab the nail.

After that, we will apologize to customers around the table.


· The audience is cold · hot

Let’s immediately recognize.

Let’s fix it as soon as the air conditioner is broken. As the staff is moving, the sensitivity to cold tends to become dull. It is also necessary to install a thermometer in the auditorium and check it on time.

Do not take off the coat that I wore as a signature of the customer when it is hot or cold. I wear the coat I took off again. I look up to the face with my hand. I have a wristwatch. Let’s observe firmly so that you will not miss air conditioner etc ….


· Inquiries on lost articles

As a prerequisite, forgetfulness management is to decide rules and create management lists etc.

If you have an inquiry from the customer if there are no forgotten items, please check the features about the forgotten item.
What is put in what if things are manufacturers, colors, backs, etc. Is there anything to be an identity card?

Besides, to find out where you might have forgotten in the store, such as when you arrived, where you sat, where you went to the toilet.

If you find out the lost thing immediately, just in case it is more important to be aware of the features, if it does not make a mistake, tell him, “There is something that the customer seems to have said, can you confirm?” .

If you can not find it or you can not make a decision, please tell us what you would like me to contact by returning and contact if you are on the phone. In cases such as cases where you visit directly at a store, please have a drink serviced and wait in a table or waiting chair.

When investigating, please desperately search for a memorable place, a table where the customer sits, etc. in the position of the opponent who did the forgotten thing. Even if you can not see the feeling and posture on the phone, it will surely be transmitted.

Unfortunately, if you can not find it, “I am sorry, I confirmed again that there were no lost items, but I could not find it”, “If another customer got it by mistake, I will contact you if you have anything to say “Please tell the regret feelings.


· Points to remember about handling of forgotten items

Losing what you had promised for returns with customer inquiries will be the most troublesome cause.

There are three causes of loss, one is a case of apologizing for disposal, the second is handed over to a different person, and the third is a case where an employee steals.

In any case, attention is required as we will need to deal with damages. Especially what seems to be valuable items is better to deliver to the police earlier. Please leave only the documents delivered to the police for confirmation of inquiries at the store. When you contact us, please tell them that the valuable items left in the store are delivered to the police.

The theft by an employee is a crime, but please do manage things safely so as to eliminate the environment where such wrongdoing occurs. Do not put criminals out of the store. Cash · Wallet · Mobile phone · Rings and accessories · High lighters such as brand back zippo · Game software · Watch etc. need special attention.

Be sure to check your name when you hand over a forgotten thing after calling by phone.

Customer: “I came here to pick up something I forgot …”


× “Yes, sir,”

〇 “May I ask your name?”

In the case of delivering valuables etc. I think that it would be better to have your identity confirmed by a license or the like. Because I feel that I manage it firmly and can trust it more than the feeling that it is troublesome from a customer’s point of view.

Also, please be sure to check when customers will come as additional notes on inquiries for inquiries by phone.

In case it is likely to come to pick up, it is better to encourage such as “Because the company rules allow for forgotten items to be delivered to the police in about two weeks …”.
Keep in mind with promises, keeping it for a long time at the store will only increase the risk.


· Damaged shop facilities

Depending on what caused the damage, if the customer deliberately destroyed it is a crime of cargo damage, ask the police intervention and seek compensation.

However, in order to be fully reimbursed, such as when a customer inadvertently (negligently) destroys it, it is necessary to check whether there is a problem in the “safety consideration obligation” of the shop side. If there is negligence on the shop side, negligence cancellation will result.

In any case, in case of damage caused by negligence there is no crime under the Penal Code, but there is liability for compensation.

As an example of the safety consideration obligation, on rainy days it is necessary to take action such as wiping the floor to coma so that the floor does not slide. Besides that, it is also important to check whether there are problems on the facilities of the store on a daily basis.


· Claim by phone

Depending on the content, the thing to notice is to misjudge the correspondence by not seeing the other’s face.

The basic will respond according to the iron rule at the time of complaint occurrence.

First of all, firstly listen to your opponent ‘s name and name before listening first.

While listening to the story, we will mix our apologies while showing empathy from the customer’s point of view.

Then, if you feel that your opponent’s tension has declined or you feel that you are dissatisfied, please suggest a solution.

If you are not the manager who got the call, please also listen to your opponent ‘s dissatisfaction with your name and title. In addition, we apologize for the offense of the other’s feelings and propose “Please contact the manager again.”


· Points for telephone correspondence

It is not good to use shorter consecutive words such as “yes” “yeah” repeatedly more than four times.


Use words spoken by your customers repeatedly, “Use cooking was late,” “I did not have a word of apology” or use words that mixed empathy and apology “Such a thing There is no word of apology that there was “, etc. can give an impression that the other person is listening frequently.

Please confirm the facts firmly in order to confirm at the store. In order to identify that customer, please also check the receipt number, when, when, when, how many people, what kind of seats, what kind of meal you have eaten, etc.

Also, please ask if you understand the features of the corresponding staff at that time.


· Refund inquiries even though there is no receipt

Basically, there is no need to deal with it. Please tell me that we can not respond with company rules.

However, I think that there are cases where it is difficult to cut out suddenly, so please listen to more information on meals. After judging whether it is content at a level that needs to be refunded, if you can have 100% confirmation that you visit, please say “Please contact us again after investigation,” ask your contact information Please check the facts at the store.

If it is a common pattern in telephone fraud, a phone call comes in and it is said that the employee reported to the manager, but have not heard? Because what time you have to go to the station of ○ ○, right now Please refrain from replying “We can not respond if it is not reported to the headquarters” because the possibility of fraud is high when we set up time limits such as refund response “and so on.

Since I will definitely tell you the phone number I do not care if I hear the contact information.


· If the cockroaches are at the audience

Even before, there are things that have come out beforehand, right?

If it is a big cockroach of a flying system, it is necessary to deal with the intruder. Please check whether there is a gap on the wall or opening the door.

There are also a lot of intrusion from the ventilator, so it is good to leave the ventilator always turned.

If you can not handle it anyway at the store, please ask the pest control company.

What to do if the cockroach emerges … There is nothing but to apologize.


Kramer’s criteria

· If you make an extraordinary request, such as free things by free things, Kramer
· When you say “show sincerity” Kramer
· If you say “I think you are a creamer,” Kramer
· When you say “Warranty for closure”, Kramer
· When asking for money or goods, Kramer


One point of complaint prevention

· I will not show it to be weak
It is out of the question to take a great attitude, but it is even more difficult to show the posture of waist retraction against complaints.
Words and attitudes are polite, but a resolute attitude is necessary.

· Have a feeling of tension
It is important for store staff to have a sense of tension that there is always the possibility of problems.
Claims will arise when the tension between the shops and staff who are not feeling tense by the staff who work is diluted.

· Stay well organized
Shops where contamination often happens are many stores that can not be tidied up.
Please exclude items other than necessary from the store.

· Perform a thorough cleaning
Even if it does not trigger the claim directly, there are many cases where the problem in the clen rineness aspect is the hint of the claim.
Since customers enter with their expectations with expectations, we will look for rough shops if we betray that expectation early on.

· Note the table setting
The slackness of the table setting and the likelihood of complaint are proportional.
It is because it represents the absence of commitment by the manager and the staff and the weakness of awareness.
Please pay close attention to the position, arrangement, orientation etc.

· Clean the toilet
Although it is natural, dirty eating places in the toilet do not flourish.
Just because the toilet is dirty, many people will never go to that shop again.
Let’s check the toilet certainly by deciding time and person in charge.

· Do not accumulate small complaints
Even small claims, one by one, will definitely become a big claim if they overlap.
Even with small things it is important to make it possible for staff members to report and share claims information. It is important to pay close attention to the customer’s response to the complaint.

· Do not pull out your hand even in your spare time
If you allow operation that took over hands when sales are slow, you will not be able to respond when crowded.
When it is slow, promises can be made 200% and it is not possible to respond at peak time unless it is in the normal state.
As a result, when you peak, somewhere else you pull out the hand or oversight, causing complaints.

· Follow rules of grooming
It is also important from the viewpoint of prevention of complaints to keep the rule of grooming decided by the management obey.
As with the problem of clen rineness, the goodness of grooming is an important factor determining the impression of the shop.

· Know the weak point
Claims arise from the weakest places in the store.
Where is the weakness of your shop?
As a guest, please eat at the shop and feel the store from the customer’s point of view.
Who made the dish mostly?
Who is the most problematic service staff?
What do you feel the most dirty in the store?

· Declare it to be a good store
In an organization, it is decided whether the level of the store rises or falls depending on whether the standing ones are positive.
There is no thing to maintain the status quo at the store level.
It is always better or worse.
Efforts to make it a good store will lead to customer satisfaction.
Customers come to dinner at a store with a certain level of expectation, so expectations are betrayed at shops that are falling in level and complaints will increase.

· Grasp points that feel stress
It is similar to what I covered at the weak point, but it is important to grasp where the customer feels stress in the store.
Is it facility, menu, dish, BGM, air conditioning, staff’s private language, accounting is slow …
Since it is OK for a pair of customers a day, please observe it carefully from entry to exit.
Please synchronize yourself with that customer and imagine what you felt as stressful now.


Legal consideration of claims

· Continue to give out loud voices inside the store or interfere with work Physically disrupt the “power interruption”.

· Despite being apologizing and making proposals for compensation within common sense, such as “Do you think that it is permitted for that?”, And more relentlessly get involved “threatening crimes”.

· When asking for money, “attempted extortion”.

· When money is delivered after being threatened, “extortion charges”.

· If you try to forcibly make it imagined, or write an apology letter, you will be forced to “forcibly sin”.

· If you continue to stay even if Please go home “Illegal retreat”.

· When a partner who told refusal to enter the store forcedly enters the store, “a crime of invading a house”, “a crime of building intrusion”.

· If there are remarks such as “I’m going to crush such a shop” or “I will send a Yakuza” “threatening crime”.

· “If this is the lowest store”, if you spread the bad reputation “contempt sin”.

· If you write down the bad things about not being on the net, you can say “libel war crimes”.

· Demand compensation claims are applied to employee’s hoax posting etc. which was Bronco Billy etc.

The customer who issues complaints may be caught by the police and become a criminal if you make a mistake one step.

If the other party comes out, you should call the police without getting haircut for safety, for safety reasons, but if you develop into the case as above and continue to waste it, “May I call the police? Please urge me to keep calm.

Still if you do not do it, do not hesitate to have the police intervene.

Unfortunately, I feel that it has changed in that era …

Thank you for reading. I pray for success in Japan.


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